Campin Oz 2017 - Lancelin

First stop on our epic 5-month adventure was at the sea side town of Lancelin just a few hundred K's north of Perth. 

A seaside town that was super windy which the numerous Kite Surfers were taking advantage of. 

We only had one night here so not much time to explore around but I was keen to take some drone photography one of the main attractions here; the dunes. 

AU0006 - Lancelin Dune

AU0006 - Lancelin Dune


AU0007 - Lancelin Dune Lady


AU0008 - Lancelin Dune People


We took a bunch of other pics, you can find them all on our Facebook Page soon!


We finished off the day with a beautiful sunset and a glass on wine by the sea.

wine by the sea

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