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Camping Oz 2017 – Central Australia

After leaving Caloundra and the east coast we headed back inland towards Alice Springs in the centre of the country. It turns out Australia is a big place however and it took us about 5 days of long drives to reach Alice Springs.

We stopped at a few dusty little towns along the way, one of them was when we were half way along the 900 km unsealed Plenty Highway was called Jervois. There, in the middle of nowhere hundreds of miles from any light pollution we were afforded one of the best views of the galaxy I have seen yet.

Then finally we arrived at Alice Springs where we stayed for a few days catching up on a few things before heading off again. Our route this time was taking us along the “Mereenee Loop” (Spelling). Along the way we popped into a few gorges, gaps, chasms and other various hikes.

Then we arrived into Kings Canyon where we stayed for a couple of days so we could do the famous (and rather excellent) walk around the rim of the canyon.

And then we were off again and a few more hours down the road we arrive at the world famous Uluru (Ayers Rock).

We had a good time there doing various hikes around the rock and surrounding areas.

In the evening we visited an art exhibit that was out in the desert called “Field of Light”

Sadly though it was time to move on and head south towards South Australia and the final leg of our epic trip, more on that next time!

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